Intro to Python – April 15-June 17

python-logo-glassyHey, this is Coral. I don’t know Python, so I’m going to take An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python through Coursera (here’s the syllabus). It does not require any previous programming experience. It also doesn’t require any special software—just a fairly up to date browser.

I’d really love to host a weekly get-together for women (and friends) taking this course. It starts April 15th and runs for 9 weeks, finishing up in mid-June. I have some programming background, so I’ll be in a position to help with any concepts that people might find tricky. I’m leaning toward mid-afternoon on Saturdays or Sundays as a time for the weekly meeting, but please leave a comment with your availability, if you want to take the class! I’d like to find a time that works for everyone. Also, I think I can get us space with computers, in case not everyone has a laptop to bring along.

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  1. […] I’m taking An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python through Coursera, and I’m hoping other folks in Anchorage will be interested in taking the course with me! I want to plan a weekly meetup, where people can bring their questions and any problems they’re having. The course requires no previous programming experience. (And that’s precisely why I think I can help; I don’t know Python, but I do have programming experience. And experience teaching programming, too, for that matter.) It starts April 15th and goes for 9 weeks. We’ll probably meet on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, though that isn’t set in stone; I’m planning to do a Doodle poll with the folks who are signed up. If you’re a local lady* and want to join me, sign up! […]